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    Got this today. Some history: I put my phone in my pocket or in a cupholder in my car. I quit the holster-on-my-belt thing when I got my Pearl a couple years ago. Used a Seidio case for that then a leather pocket when the clips broke. Have used the OEM leather case so far for my 8900. Why did I get this? Style and because it covers the whole front in my pocket. The pouch leaves the whole top bare. The phone fits into it great and it's easy to push it out from the bottom which I need because I use a bedside dock/clock for charging. It looks great, stitching is perfect (same color as leather) no loose threads. There's a little padding to the front and the flap is pretty rigid over the keys/screen. That's what adds some thickness to the package. It's 1 1/8" thick closed. The flap closes magnetically (see pic of back) in back and when you close with magnet the screen goes dark like with a pouch (I like that). The flap folds all the way back flush very easily so you can type with no problem. The hinge is easy to fold back. I was worried about that, I didn't want it flapping in the breeze. The back piece is solid firm leather. The right side has plastic over the volume and conv keys, the earphone hole and charge port are open. The left side just barely shows the conv key (no plastic). Inside the phone is nicely framed by stiched leather all around and the sides are cutout next to the keyboard for easy typing on all keys. The screen is framed with heavy wire sewn into the leather on top and both sides for rigidity, a nice quality touch. The inside back, sides and flap are covered in a soft ribbed black cloth for protection. On bottom the 2 corners are exposed, the mike is uncovered, and the center is exposed to allow pushing the phone out. Nice. Overall it's a high quality piece, makes the phone a bit thicker and protects it very well. I think it would bounce protect it way better than a Seidio. No screen protecor, and you can add a couple different belt clips when you order if you like those. Many different leather colors/combos for $10 extra. Base price is $30. Mine was $40 (minus 30% because I asked for a discount) plus $8 shipping. Base color is black. I recommend this case if you want some whipout effect and protection as well. Magnetic closure is nice. One minus is that you can't see the LED light with the flap closed. There's a hole for it but only with the flap open.
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    I really like it. where you get that? they have pink? for my lady,
    04-28-09 12:44 AM
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    Good job. Moved into the Community Reviews area.
    04-28-09 12:46 AM
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    Good job. Moved into the Community Reviews area.
    Thanks, I forgot there was a separate forum. Here's their link: They have more colors than you want to look at IMO.
    Blackberry Cases. These stylish and functional leather Blackberry cases are specially designed to custom fit your specific Blackberry model.
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    What about the part that folds up - does it get in the way when you are just talking on the phone? That is the main reason I have never purchased this type of case.
    04-28-09 09:30 AM
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    What about the part that folds up - does it get in the way when you are just talking on the phone? That is the main reason I have never purchased this type of case.
    Look at my 3rd photo, where I'm typing and the flap is folded all the way back against the case back. You can hold the phone to your ear easily like this too so the flap isn't sticking up like a leather rabbit ear. I was worried that it would be hard to fold it but it isn't, the leather is supple enough to make that part easy. It's a tradeoff to be sure, but that leather flap is pretty substantial covering the front and looks nice. I bet I could drop a heavy object on it and not hurt the phone.
    04-28-09 09:44 AM
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    Great review!

    I love flip cases, so thanks for the work.
    04-28-09 10:50 AM
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    OK I've used this for almost a month here are my updated impressions:
    1. Quality is excellent. Fits the phone almost perfectly all the way around. I've use a leather conditioner on it several times and it's soft and supple and the leather breaks in like a good shoe. Nice
    2. Opening the flap and putting it against the back when talking or typing is no biggie. I was worried about that. No more.
    3. The magnetic closure piece is cool. Works great and shuts off the screen too. Getting the phone in/out is easy. I use a charge dock at night.
    4. I thought that not being able to see the LED would bug me but it doesn't. I can feel vibes/hear incoming calls/txt fine. Emails who cares really?
    5. The only drawback is the thickness of the package caused by the padded front flap. Some pocket users won't put up with that. Some pants I wear it's a little tight but overall it's OK.
    6. Protection is better than any case I've ever used. Not even close. Keyboard, screen the whole deal. Dropped it today on cement from waist high. You'd never know it. I've used Seidio hard plastic slim cases, and leather pouches. This wins hands down and looks great. The looks are a big part of this case, it comes in a ton of colors and combinations of colors.For $28 (plus ship) it's a ganga.
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    nice reivew
    05-23-09 10:16 PM
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    does this case have a clear plastic that covers the keyboard and screen?
    05-24-09 10:25 PM
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    does this case have a clear plastic that covers the keyboard and screen?
    No. The keyboard/screen are not covered at all. The flap folds over the front of the phone (see pix) and that's the front protection. The flap is padded leather on the outside, covered by black fabric-type stuff inside. The only plastic on it covers the volume switches/conv. key on the right side. I don't know why they did that, it's kind of unneccessary IMO, there's very little plastic there.
    05-24-09 10:59 PM
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    Ok thanks the reason i asked was my wife wants something to cover her keybord and screen i bought her a noreve flip case a month ago and its the same way
    05-24-09 11:02 PM
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    If she wants the screen/keyboard covered even when she's typing on it The Seidio 360 case does that. I have a screen protector on mine (BSE) cause I used a pouch before I got this. Now I wouldn't use it.
    05-25-09 12:56 PM
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    yeah i was looking at those before but she wanted something leather and with a sleeper magnet she wears it around her neck....so i was just curious i havent found a leather case with a flip that covers the keyboard and screen yet she is a groomer and she gets hair on ocassion in the keyboard
    05-25-09 10:36 PM