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    Because my new BlackBerry's looks and protection are important to me, I decided I needed a good screen protector. I read through threads and posts here and decided to try the Clarivue brand for my 9700.

    I ordered from their website, and it took 11 days for the screen protectors (you get 2 for $10.99 with a packaged wet towel included in the package) to arrive in a business-sized envelope.

    Application was very simple to do and took me 10 minutes, as I made sure the screen was clean. The packaged wet towel did a great job to clean the screen. First, you peel the cover tabbed 1 off and use that adhesive side to lay down on your BB's screen; making sure the the edge of the protector fits inside perfectly. I took my finger to evenly smooth the protector over the screen and then removed tab #2 off the other side of the protector. Instructions say that if there are any bubbles, that they will disappear in two days; but I took an appointment card from my billfold and got rid of two tiny bubbles under the screen.

    This is my second protector I have applied. You cannot tell that there is a protector on the screen with the Clarivue. I was unhappy with the first one I bought from eBay for $3.10. That one was mirrored, and it drove me crazy to wipe all the fingerprints off all the time.

    I am very impressed with the Clarivue screen protector I purchased.
    02-16-10 10:03 PM