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    I haven't been able to get pics but i have used it for a couple days now. Here are my thoughts.

    So i bought it on amazon.com for 4.21 and 5 for s&h along with a mirror screen protector for 2.78. I first tried the case and after i figured out how to snap it on (for any of the 4th gen nano owners its the same concept you have to bend the case to slide it inside) it was a great fit the only bad thing was that i have the full keyboard and the buttons on the edge are sometimes hard to reach so i just type in the landscape keyboard. The white part of the case is nice because it covers the space between the screen and the frame so the display looks better overall. Also the case is like a soft plastic so in and out of the pocket is easy. The only thing that sucked for me was the mirror screen protector which totally messed up the color of the screen and was too thick under the case so the button under the screen was always pressed which makes the screen unclickable. However i applied my other regular screen protector under the mirror one and the screen looked half decent so anyone that has one might want to try that.

    Well that about wraps it up and yes ill try to get up some pics asap.

    Before i forget the case comes in different colors the ones ive see are black, yellow, and maroon/red. Also it look a tad different that the pics ill post tomorrow.

    Here are some links

    Amazon.com: Blackberry Storm Polycarbonate Slim Fit Case - Black: Electronics

    Amazon.com: Blackberry Storm Polycarbonate Slim Fit Case - Yellow: Electronics

    Amazon.com: Blackberry Storm Polycarbonate Slim Fit Case - Red: Cell Phones & Service
    10-07-09 02:35 AM