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    The Seidio InnoCase 360 for the 9700 is indeed a great case if you want practically every aspect of your phone covered for day to day, medium or above average use.

    The main selling feature for me was the full rubber keyboard cover (which I find makes it easier to type on). I type on my phone all day long due to my line of business and the soft feel really helps the thumbs, and keeps the keys protected from dirt, scratches, and minimal moisture.

    The screen cover is built into the case, and I was hesitant about that fact as I recall some other Seidio reviews for the 360 stating that the screen cover adheres to the screen and never sits flush, causing bubbles. For the 9700 model, this is not an issue at all, I cant even tell there is a cover on my screen. It doesn't adhere, more floats over top of it.

    The TrackPad, convenience keys, camera, flash, ports, lock and standby keys are not covered at all by the case, which is yet another benefit. You have easy access to all of the above without a struggle, as the case only adds an additional 1mm of thickness. The LED is also very visible through the case as seen in 2 of the above pictures.

    Using the TrackPad with the extra "bulk" around it is a little tricky to get used to, as we are accustomed to the "flat swiping motion", but after about 30 minutes of using it, it felt no different.

    The physical case itself feels very solid, and comfortable and thankfully does not effect call quality. It's much easier to take apart than previous models of the same case, using your thumbs against each "part" near the charging port/headset jack.

    The swirls you can see on the screen are from me attempting to clean it with a cloth quickly, but I later did a more in-depth cleaning and it's flawless.

    • The charging contacts for a pod are exposed, but will only work if you purchase the Seidio charging pod, or if you feel like removing the case each time you want to use the charging pod.
    • It will NOT fit into the original swivel holster that came with the 9700. You would need to obtain a Tour 9630, or Bold 9000 holster for it to fit well, or purchase the Seidio Holster to clip it into (I am using a 9000 holster).
    • The keyboard cover does not let a ton of light through, it does let some through, just enough to see the letters at 100% brightness, but its to be expected, and is acceptable.

    Overall I give this case a 8.75/10 due to the cons listed above.
    It is indeed an incredible case for the price, but if you are looking for a lot more protection from a rough life style, head over to the OtterBox series of cases.

    Thanks for reading, here are the pics:


    PS: The theme in the pictures is the BeDroid theme I won in a Crackberry Blog contest ( http://www.crackberry.com/bedroid-th...d-jmal-designs )

    This is my first review on an accessory, please, go easy. If there are any questions, feel free to PM me, or post in this thread.
    The Seidio Innocase 360 is available in the Crackberry shop for $35.95: http://shop.crackberry.com/seidio-in...medium=content

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    12-02-09 02:36 PM
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    Only issue I had with my 360 was that a layer of my keys would come off.
    12-02-09 08:50 PM
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    Only issue I had with my 360 was that a layer of my keys would come off.
    Can you elaborate on that at all?

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    12-04-09 06:44 PM
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    I was wondering, anyone who has this case, how shock resistant is it? If I were to drop it on concrete would it protect the phone or does the case come apart easily enough that the case will just pop right off if the phone is dropped?
    12-05-09 02:16 AM
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    this case sucks the keys either strech or the black on the rubber is wearing off the new replacement
    01-10-10 05:21 PM