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    So I have had my case now for 2 weeks. I really do love the case as it provides great overall protection for my phone. I like the feel of it and it doesnt add much bulk to my phone at all. I do have some issues with the case though.

    1. Around the trackball opening and the top right edge of the T key, the top left edge of the Y key the black has worn off and is now showing white (see attached image). It makes the case look like it's been used for several months even though it's only two weeks old. I use my berry A LOT. I'm a very heavy user as prob most of us on crackberry are. Now also some of the black is wearing off other keys of the keyboard and this white color is shining through ( you can also see this in the pic on top left of the G key even though it starts as just a speck and the top right of the R key) and it just makes the case look not so great. I would expect this from a cheaper case but not from a case that was over 30 bucks. I would expect they would have designed it to take above average use and still hold up nicely.

    I contacted Seidio about getting a replacement and I got an email from the dealer I got it from saying they would be happy to send me a replacement. I asked if the same thing would happen to the next case and they did not know but said if it did they would issue me a refund. I'm pretty satisfied about that and how quickly this issue was dealt with.

    Hopefully it wont happen with the replacement but I'm pretty sure it will as I see it as a design issue more than anything.

    2. Even though Seidio claimed they corrected the bubbling of the screen protector issue I experienced this same problem and it was pretty annoying. I did correct this by putting another screen protector on the screen of my berry. Why would I add a second screen protector you ask? Well, I added a privacy screen protector so you can only see my screen if looking at it straight on. I ride the NYC subways and often find people are nosy to see what you're doing on your phone. Like I said once I added this privacy screen protector the Innocase's bubbling issue of their screen protector went away. Probably because there was less of a gap between the berry's screen and the Innocase's screen protector.

    3. Even though the phone is pretty much completely covered ( only exposing the top lock and standby buttons and side buttons) it doesn't stop dust from getting in it, and often have to take the top cover off to clear away dust that gets between the screen and the Innocase's screen protector

    Typing on the keyboard is nice and isn't more difficult than typing the real keys. Although the light barely shines through and it is a little harder to type in the dark. Often I'm in bars or clubs and I have to focus more to see the keys than if the keyboard protector was not there and in lower light make more typing mistakes because of the poor backlighting. They keys are twice as bright if not more when there is no keyboard protector. Also since I use my berry a lot I'm noticing the keyboard protector is starting to raise up and is almost bubbly as well. It doesn't affect typing but it does annoy me a bit.

    over all the case is great but these issues should really be addressed. I would expect these issues from a much cheaper case but not one for $30+

    I would suggest to Seidio that they either fix these issues or drop the price of the case dramatically

    I also have a Case-Mate mart skin that has a keyboard protector and I used that for like a week prior to getting my Innocase 360. I think the Innocase 360 will protect my phone more in the event that it drops but I'm seriously thinking of switching back to the smart skin. I've heard of some issues with these skins stretching out over time and also the area around the trackball and keyboard wearing off but it's about 1/2 the price as the Innocase 360 so that wouldn't really bother me as much. What bothers me the most about the Innocase 360 is the price of the case and having these issues with such an expensive case.
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