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    Default I'm thinking of switching Carriers from At&t to Verizon

    After alot of searching and bad experiences from my time as a At&t customer almost 10 years I'm thinking of going to Verizon after BB10 phones are available. Naturally I want to keep my same phone number. All of my family members are on At&t and will not switch except for one. Anything I need to know I live in Austin my map say Verizon has good coverage here in Texas.
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    I was on AT&T for a very brief period. Switched over to Verizon and have not looked back. I have been everywhere with my BB's on Verizon and the call quality was exceptional for me. A lot of my friends on AT&T couldn't believe that I am able to get great coverage when they can't. A lot of it does have to do with areas you are in, but I think in all of my years with Verizon I might have had like 3 dropped calls, and that was long ago. When I was on AT&T I was getting a lot of dropped calls. I go out to visit my family in New Mexico, and travel through Texas a lot, and have always had great coverage being on Verizon. Hope this helps. Good luck! Here's to BB and the Z10!!
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    Also I would bet my Playbook, that VZW gets BB10 before ATT... well before.
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    I'm also thinking of switching from AT&T to Verizon. I moved an hour & twenty minutes from home & yet there's not AT&T service here. A year ago I had no real problems with the service (well besides it being slow), but now I keep getting alerts that I'm ten times over the allowed data roaming limit. I use wifi whenever possible, but it's difficult to use AT&T towers when there are not any here. The Verizon coverage looks great online for my current location & also my hometown so hopefully I will be able to switch & get the Z10 when it's available.
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    Do it mannn. You won't regret it. I use to work for att and then it was fine. Once they caught on that I no longer was an employee because I lost my job, service was horrible. Dropped calls and everything. After that I switched. It's good. The thing that set me over the edge was att slowing the data on unlimited customers to make them switch. Not sure if they do but I didn't care, didn't want to discover them doing it to me.

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