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    Default AT&T removes my ability to reply to sms?

    I've had AT&T for about 8 months now, with no major complaints until today. The only thing I disliked about their plans were for text messaging. The fact that the lowest sms package is $5 for 200 msgs, while the next jumps to $15 for 1500.

    For me, 200 texts is about on par with what I'd use (since I have so many people on BBM), if not less. So I don't feel it necessary to pay another $10 more for 1500 texts, most of which I'll never use, I figure if I go over my limit I'll pay the overage charges since it rarely happens. Well, this billing cycle for some reason has been overly busy as far as texting is concerned and I've gone over by about 40 texts. I just noticed today, when I received a "Happy Easter" text from a family member, that I no longer have a reply option in the menu of my Bold.

    Is this some sort of strange issue with my BB or can AT&T just remove that option without telling me? I understand in a way why they would do it, but we're talking less than $10 in overages, I pay my bill on time every month (except for once when it was 2 days late) and I think it's ridiculous to do something like that especially without notifying me.

    What's the deal? I'm definitely not happy about this.

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    i doubt att would do that if anything i'd think they wouldn't mind you owing them even more money.... did you try the infamous battery pull already ?
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    AT&T cannot remove that option. It's your phone.
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