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    Default Lag waiting for Core.insightexpressai.com

    If this is known or I'm off base, please close the thread. I searched but got no hits.

    I've been noticing an intermittent lag when accessing various areas of the forum and reading posts. The lag is as long as 30 secs at times. Usually I hit refresh and the page appears. I've noticed this since the update on the forum site.

    I finally noticed what was going on and have been "tracking" it this past week to see if it's consistent. It seems to be. Using Chrome, I can see the page it's opening in the lower left corner. I experience this lag when it's accessing core.insightexpressai.com. Seems that the page won't load until some kind of response is received. I know it's some kind of marketing site, possibly generates the ads we see.

    Now there are some lags with other sites, but the forum pages appear and allow me to click through even though the page hasn't fully loaded. The Insight Express site seems to "hang" before allowing the page to show.

    This is particularly annoying when browsing the site on my Playbook as it does not show the page it's accessing. So I think the browser has hung.