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    Default Get out and vote!

    It doesn't matter who you're voting for, but unless you get out and actually vote, your arguments are just waisted breath. Sent from my PlayBook as I stand in line waiting my turn.
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    Default Re: Get out and vote!

    Also, in respect to the many who risk and give their lives to uphold that right .........
    And if I might add, the disillusioned people that do not vote are probably the ones who need to vote the most, there needs to be a message sent to our illustrious con art..... err.. leaders. so if you're dissatisfied with the status quo, find something on the fringes and vote, as the numbers, seems to me, are all that matters.
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    Default Re: Get out and vote!

    Jack for President!! .....The most famous 'no-nonsense kinda guy'

    Get out and vote!-250px-jack_in_the_box.jpg
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    Default Re: Get out and vote!

    Sorry, but no matter how good the intentions, politics always gets out of hand.
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