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View Poll Results: Do you have OCD?

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    PM me for it. too make weird people added me when I posted it!
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    Default Does anyone have OCD?

    Hey everyone
    I want to start off by saying please don't bash me and this thread. I am being serious and I'm finally wanting to talk about it.

    Does anyone here have OCD? A lot of people say OCD is just like being a neat freak. But I have a different type of OCD. It's called double touching. Everyone who has double touching has it in a different way.
    For me, a lot of times I have to touch something 2 or 4 times, with both hands. When I touch things, it has to be in even numbers. It doesn't happen all the time, but its enough to be an annoyance.
    An example would be turning off a light switch. If I turn it on with my right hand, I have to do it again with my right, then twice with my left. If I don't touch it "just right" then I usually do it 2 more times again with both hands. Same as for touching a door knob to open or close a door. Those are the two worst times that it happens for me, but it does happen plenty of other times too. Sometimes I fight the urge so badly not to touch it again, and I will find myself fidgeting with my hands. I try to concentrate on something else until i get the thought out of my head to double touch something, but sometimes I just can't fight it and I have to touch it again.

    Then, I also have this thing with numbers and counting. I always count things. Stairs, trees in the median when I'm driving, spokes on a car rim when I'm at a stop light...so much more. And if it ends in an even number, I'll usually stop and recount them 4 times (unless I'm driving, I just fight the urge, then I usually remember it once I drive by again). On the way to work, if I count the trees in the median, and there's a song on the radio, I can remember the exact song and part of the song that was playing last time I drove by.

    It all started when I was a kid, and I am 26 now. I used to have to step on things just right and an even number of times (but never 6 for some reason). This has been troubling me for many years.

    Oddly enough, (no pun intended lol),my lucky number is 13. For some reason in my mind, it's okay because 1+3 is 4 and 4 seems to be my trigger number.

    I have never seen a doctor about this, but I'm considering it. I'm not sure what they can do about it, if anything.

    I am really good at guessing numbers though lol. Like if someone says "how many bricks are on that wall" I can usually get it dead on, or really close! It's nice for those "guess how many jelly beans are in this jar" kind of games! Lol

    Anyone else have a form of OCD? Please share, and let us know if you have ever overcome it!
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    OCD can be a very debilitating disorder. The best way to overcome it is through therapy with a qualified psychologist. You say you are considering seeing a doctor and I wold highly suggest you follow through with it. Even though you probably get by you will be much happier once you are no longer a slave to your OCD needs.
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    PM me for it. too make weird people added me when I posted it!
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    I've considered it, but I just have so much going on, it's hard to make time.

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