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    Default Playbook and Phone Integration

    If Blackberry has such good phone integration with the Playbook why do they not let 2 or more phones sync with the Playbook. This would permit multiplayer games, where the game is played on the Playbook, and the players use phones as controllers.

    Imagine an ad where a game was played on the Playbook, and each play was using a different Blackberry phone.
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    Oh wow. Love the idea. And the PB Could be tethered via HDMI.
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    that would be possible in theory (using bridge) but i doubt we would see anything like that soon. From what I understand, third parties apps cannot access bridge features, which is a shame cuz it could be awsome. But definitely hopw we could see something like that in the future (ability to bridge the pb with multiple bbs and third party apps access to bridge)

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