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    Default mc2 keeps crashing

    I don't know if this has been asked but still don't know a fix to it.
    Ever since the new update for playbook (.1314), my game mc2 has been crashing a lot but not seams to be happening when I go on multiplayer. sometimes I'm lucky and I can play but other times, I have to try about ten times till I just give up.
    Does anyone have a solution

    Btw: like the other thread I made today (sector strike - bb10) I don't know which section this should go in cause I have a possible problem with os but I have a problem with an app. please move topic if you must but don't delete cause I'm annoyed.
    If God can walk on water and Chuck Norris can swim on land, then you don't want to know what my Z10 can do.
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    I had the same issue..
    The fix: Open Modern Combat, while in the main menu, open your WiFi options on your playbook, turn OFF & ON. Go to multiplayer, enjoy

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