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    Default Using HP Bluetooth keyboard with Playbook - how to type \ please?

    I've just received an HP wireless TouchPad keyboard to use with my Playbook. I've paired it without problem and all is well, with the exception of working out how to type the symbols \ . Although I won't be using them too much, when I do want to use them, I'll need to know

    I've tried the usual combinations of Ctrl + Alt (assuming oOo is Alt); have tried Alt Gr and the relevant key; Ctrl+Shift; Ctrl+Shift+oOo; etc. I don't know what else to try.

    I realise the keys along the top are geared for the TouchPad, and don't work with the Playbook but that's not a problem.

    Suggestions are welcome. I'm hoping one or two of you have this keyboard and have sussed it out Here's a photo of the keyboard, showing the positioning of the keys etc, ie 1 and 4 in particular.


    Thanks very much for any help
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    Have you tried Shift + Symbol? seems obvious I know
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigwhiteUK View Post
    Have you tried Shift + Symbol? seems obvious I know
    Thanks. Unfortunately not. Using Shift doesn't get the '3rd' option on a key. As on a conventional keyboard, Shift will get the '2nd' option ie
    Shift + 1 = !
    Shift + 2 = @ (in spite of it showing quote marks)
    Shift + 3 = # (not )
    Shift + 4 = $

    On my 'conventional' keyboard, to get '€' I press Ctrl+Alt+4 (€ being the 3rd option) but this doesn't work on this keyboard.

    I have also discovered, only today, that Shift+3 = # and not , again in spite of what's printed on the keys. I'm sure I was able to get a sign yesterday but I must have been mistaken - I've tried all the keys and combinations I can think of and it seems there is no sign! Strange!!!

    Any suggestions would be appreciated, especially from anyone with this keyboard.

    Alternatively, maybe those with Bluetooth full-sized keyboards, using with Playbook, could post as to which models of keyboard are proven (by your use) to be able to type '' plus the other symbols. It may be that I will return this keyboard and buy an alternative.

    Thanks, all much appreciated
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    The PB assumes all keyboards to have the US layout, and this cannot in be changed in the settings. This is the reason you get # instead of and @ instead of ". Seemingly people have been complaining about this for a while, and Blackberry have done nothing to address it.

    The only other thing I can think to suggest is trying Alt and number codes, but I doubt that will work; usually it only works with the numpad to the side of keyboards, not the row of numbers at the top. (for example, holding Alt and typing 0163 would give ). As I say, I doubt it'll work, but you may as well try.

    Anyway, buying another keyboard won't help; the PB will still assume it to have the US layout and prevent you from typing the characters you're wishing to type.
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    As far as I know, even the blackberry mini keyboard do not allow you to enter the Euro sign.
    Look at Typing accents and symbols - User Guide - BlackBerry Mini Keyboard - 1.0 to find out the documented key sequences.
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    @ SifJar and @Briard

    Thanks very much. So, it looks like this is how it is! Thanks for pointing out to me that any keyboard will probably have the same layout and restrictions. You've probably saved me some hard-earned cash!

    I think I will settle for using the virtual keyboard for those particular symbols, and use the BT keyboard for typing when it's going to be more than a couple of lines. Fair compromise for the time being, I think.

    Thanks for all your help and advice. Just needed to check I hadn't missed something silly.

    Thanks again
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    i use a ps3 keypad, small, works great and costs 30 dollars, even the mouse function works.
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