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    With Super Bowl XLVII less than a week away, many brands have already begun their big game marketing campaigns with teaser content on social media to generate pre-game buzz.
    Lets take a look at which brands are getting the most mentions across social media in conjunction with Super Bowl conversations over the past seven days (January 22 28) across all social media platforms.
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    Mercedes-Benz is the leader by a large margin in terms of pre-game mentions. The automaker has drawn plenty of attention by launching its Super Bowl spot early via YouTube. The spot features popular model Kate Upton washing the new Mercedes CLA and has already attracted over 5 million views since launching on January 21. Part of the conversation has been around the perceived raciness of the ad. The ad then tells viewers to visit the Mercedes Facebook page and website for more details.
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    Leaping to second place is Research in Motion (RIM), on the strength of the announcement of their first Super Bowl ad to promote the BlackBerry 10. RIMs 8,600 mentions have all come almost entirely in the past three days. Social media users appear to be excited by the Super Bowl debut of one of the top mobile device makers in the world.
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    Super Bowl-regular Coca-Cola is hot on RIMs heels for a third place finish. Social media has played a big role in spurring the Coke conversation as the soft drink maker released a YouTube teaser video on its Facebook page last week promoting their Coke Chase campaign. The 30 second YouTube teaser will be followed a 60 second version during the game itself and asks views to go cokechase.com in order vote on which of three teams (Cowboys, Badlanders, and Showgirls) will win and be featured in a post-game ad of their own.
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    Volkswagen sits fourth in the pre-Super Bowl conversation. The German automaker launched its ad early via social media. CNNs Soledad OBrien noted that the use of a Jamaican accent by a Caucasian gentleman had potential to ruffle feathers, however, we saw that VW has attracted 94% positive sentiment amongst Super Bowl conversations.
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    Anheuser Busch is another Super Bowl regular and they round out the top five brands with buzz on the strength of the Bud Light name. While the brewmeister will feature ads for lesser known labels such as Black Crown and Becks Sapphire, Bud Light drives the lions share of Anheuser Busch mentions on social media. The brand also dropped a YouTube teaser featuring a Bud Light hashtag, #herewego. As well, theyve launched a contest on Facebook to find a Bud Light Hotel Facebook Correspondent to work with their 200 room Bud Light Hotel in New Orleans. The brand will also be using their Twitter account for promotional purposes (unlike last year) now that Twitters age gate for fans over 21 launched.
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    Mercedes and RIM Lead the Social Media Buzz Before the Super Bowl - Salesforce Marketing Cloud
    01-28-13 07:08 PM
  2. UrbanGlowCam's Avatar
    That's good to hear. Damn you Mercedes, and your nice cars!
    01-28-13 07:58 PM
  3. leafs123's Avatar
    Great find and good to see the buzz that the Superbowl presence is generating even without the commercial out yet.
    01-28-13 08:11 PM
  4. Mallet21's Avatar
    That's good to hear. Damn you Mercedes, and your nice cars!
    Their buzz has very little to do with the cars......

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    01-28-13 08:12 PM
  5. SixStringMadness's Avatar
    Wow, I like this news!
    01-28-13 08:12 PM
  6. m0de25's Avatar
    Damn! Coca Cola is battling RIM for 3rd place! Why are we always battling for 3rd place?! lol! (Win8, and now coke) It's sugar water, people.... why it's trending is beyong me :P
    Geeoff likes this.
    01-28-13 08:15 PM
  7. mrfreeze's Avatar
    I like the fact that RIM is the only technology even on the list.
    FSeverino and peter9477 like this.
    01-28-13 08:19 PM
  8. LazyEvul's Avatar
    Their buzz has very little to do with the cars......

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    Wait a minute... you mean to tell me there was a car in that video?!
    01-28-13 08:32 PM
  9. world traveler and former ceo's Avatar
    Best is about to come for RIM and bb10! ... and in the hands of customers within days!!!! enough said!
    01-28-13 08:35 PM
  10. cjcampbell's Avatar
    What's also interesting, is that they stated that almost all the BB traffic was in the last 3 days.... hmmm.... That's probably because it was only announced 3 days ago. In that short a period of time, we've gone to the second most talked about SuperBowl commercial. That's pretty impressive.
    01-28-13 08:36 PM
  11. rjshahan's Avatar
    A couple of things really stood out for me in this article.

    Firstly, sentiment for BlackBerry 10 is shown at 77% positive, which is a reminder of how far we have come from the mud-slinging days of last year.

    Secondly, given that Mercedees sentiment is equally split between positive and negative, it puts RIM and Coca Cola as the front runners when it comes to measuring positive sentiment

    Finally, the article refers to RIM as "one of the top mobile device makers in the world" which is a pleasant change from the condescending & snobbish tech press we are used to seeing.
    cjcampbell and peter9477 like this.
    01-28-13 08:46 PM
  12. Bold_until_Hybrid_Comes's Avatar
    The top 2 on the list use QNX.

    3 of the top 4.

    4 of the top 7
    01-28-13 08:48 PM
  13. FSeverino's Avatar
    The top 2 on the list use QNX.

    3 of the top 4.

    4 of the top 7
    I was going to say... what if QNX is in those commercials... would that not make RIM #1 by like a bazzillion?
    01-28-13 08:50 PM
  14. VeGiTo's Avatar
    The top 2 on the list use QNX.

    3 of the top 4.

    4 of the top 7
    Good catch. Amazing isn't it?
    01-28-13 08:51 PM
  15. rjshahan's Avatar
    The top 2 on the list use QNX.

    3 of the top 4.

    4 of the top 7
    It wouldn't surprise me if the rest used QNX to manage their high volume production lines and factory equipment. And Best Buy technically sells QNX product(s) with more to come.
    01-28-13 08:51 PM
  16. bbqkid8's Avatar
    I don't mind Kate Upton being up top
    01-28-13 11:01 PM
  17. SixStringMadness's Avatar
    01-29-13 08:07 AM

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