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    Default BB10 coming - BB Protect Maintenance

    Right now if you sign in to Blackberry Protect online it is undergoing maintenance. If you click on the Data tab it shows

    Hello, Nice to see you

    Your BlackBerry 10 device currently makes use of the BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Backup and Restore options.
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    bad time to do maintenance on tonight of all nights! people will be going out and drinking!
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    ^But they won't be looking for their phones til tomorrow.
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    Default Re: BB10 coming - BB Protect Maintenance

    So this means there will be no BlackBerry protect app for BlaxkBerry10 ..at least not as we know it on bbos.
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    Oh I'm sure there will be BlackBerry Protect. What's a BlackBerry without it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by BB-Bmore View Post
    So this means there will be no BlackBerry protect app for BlaxkBerry10 ..at least not as we know it on bbos.
    It will be baked into the OS.
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    BB Protect is on BB10
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    I kind of hope that RIM does keep BB Protect as an app with BB 10. Baking it into settings means that casual users might never know it exists as they tend not to dig around in their settings much. At least with that cool looking shield icon on their screen they may get curious and launch it and actually set it up BEFORE they lose their phone lol

    I think it should be a core app that comes pre-installed, but I would much rather there be an icon in the app launcher then just a switch and a few check boxes buried deep down in the menu somewhere. Even though most of us here at Crackberry will have the menus memorized and it won't be an issue for us, I plan on getting BB 10 phones for my mom - if it's not in the app launcher for her it doesn't exist, and for my girlfriend who could navigate menus to find it but would probably forget.

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