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    Default Help locked out of bbm!

    Basically, yesterday I re-downloaded the new BBM, everything was backed up. But the final step consisted me to sign into my blackberry ID; I haven't done this for ages so I did, but I couldn't remember my password. Forgot my password? Thats an easy problem to solve, but there was another, much more anoying issue I had to face.
    The so-called username/email adress, totally wasn't my literal email address, for some reason clearly it was a made up email out of the blue. Wondering why the **** I didn't type in my regular email address part of the username, I actually tried to find out if there was an email adress I had created with this name. So I logged into gmail and typed in the name and stated I had forgotten the password (googl e was awful, still wouldn't verify me the password).
    I tried to change my email adress to my actual one, but "because it wasn't linked with the device it wasn't working". So because this email address wasn't valid, it was just a random gmail name, I had no email to have the password to be sent to.
    Can anyone help?
    Is there I a way I can create a new blackberry ID that can link with my blackberry?
    Because I can't use bbm, or have any more updates.
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    Connect to BBDM, create a backup of your phone, wipe your phone, create a new BBID with a valid email, restore whatever content BBDM will allow you to restore ie. Contacts, Messages, Calendar and even possibly BBM contacts and convos. No guarantee that this will work as desired, but if my 14 year old step-niece can follow these instructions and a new working BBID with her phone, I don't see why anyone else couldn't. Total time to do this was around an hour and a half give or take. Majority of the time was spent wiping the device.

    You may want to wait and see if anyone else has any suggestions before following my directions. Also, as you are creating a new BBID and BlackBerry App World is linked to your BBID, any paid apps may not transfer over to the new BBID. You may want to take a couple screenshots or other proof and contact the developers of said paid apps and explain the situation. Most are willing to help and issue a new activation code.

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