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    Default iPhone defector...of sorts

    Hi everyone, been checking Crackberry daily since I got my Z10 on Jan 31st. Yes I'm from the UK, Leeds to be exact. I just wanted to tell you about my impressions of the Z10 so far. And for the record, I use an iPhone 5 for personal use and my Z10 for work.

    I wondered when I got it how long it would take for my enthusiasm towards the Z10 to dwindle, well I can safely say that after having the phone since it's release it hasn't dwindled one bit, I now find I'm checking my Z10 more times a day than I do my iphone. This was something I realised when I tried to turn my iphone on by swiping up the screen with my finger!!

    Granted the apps aren't up to the selection you get on the App Store but hey, I can only play with my phone for so long in a day! For many years I've bought apple products, watched the keynotes of the newly released products but now something strange is happening, the place I had in my heart for all things apple is shrinking and a new place in my heart is being formed for BB and it's increasing in size daily. Love my Z10.

    Anyway, that's my story, maybe sometime soon I'll use a Q10 for work and my Z10 for play? Unless of course BB introduces balance for everyone then I'll just use my Z10 for everything.
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    Welcome to CB. I've only ever used BBsmart phones, never tried apple before. Glad to hear your enjoying your z10. See ya around the forums.
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    Hey man, glad you're liking your phone. Had an iPhone 4, loved it for gaming but that's all it was good for. With BlackBerry, I can actually use the phone as a communication device. With my S3, I get caught up in all the apps and games that I sometimes forget that it's a phone .


    BlackBerry Z10 & BlackBerry PlayBook
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    Welcome to the NEW CrackBerry.com

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