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    Default would you buy a blackberry like this?

    i originally stopped by to get a new sim card for an ipad.. simple and straight forward request. should've been done in 15 mins. however, i was at the store for an hour. i decided to look around at some of the devices and see what blackberry devices they had..

    I understand that there may not be sales incentives to sell blackberries, so there's no big push to sell a blackberry. however, they should at least have a decent blackberry for people to look at. one of the keys was missing on this blackberry and when i tested the blackberry it was freezing on me. all i did was use the track pad and go into messages and used the arrow button to go to the home screen. this took about 2 mins. with the blackberry being unusable.

    now i know why people don't buy blackberries. carrier relations start at the store level..

    btw. i asked the sales guy when blackberry 10 will come out. he said.. uh.. you want a blackberry. we only have one kind.. it was ok though. he seems new.
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    By request.


    I wouldn't be encouraged by the appearance or condition of the device they have on display, nor in the capabilities they have to maintain their equipment. They sure don't seem to take pride in them if they can't show a properly functioning device, IMHO.
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    The general sentiment people have against java-based BlackBerry devices are just very negative at the moment and a lot of the negatives are well-deserved due to past RIM behaviors. BB 10 is the potential turnaround.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ljfong View Post
    The general sentiment people have against java-based BlackBerry devices are just very negative at the moment and a lot of the negatives are well-deserved due to past RIM behaviors. BB 10 is the potential turnaround.
    With all due respect, there millions of BBOS7 users who are happy with their devices, and what they do for them. It it unfortunate that the store in question let their front end stock become so shabby. That would send bad messages for any device being shown like that. On the OTHER HAND....2 weeks to BB10!!!
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    id be more concerned about the stores handling of boxed phones if they cant even keep their demo/show phones in decent condition, yeah a customer may have ripped the key off (its not hard to rip a glued key from the rubber underneath if you try to) but thats no excuse for them just leaving it like that or not updating the software so it runs smoothly. Sales incentive or not a sale is a sale and theyre losing out on maximum potential sales by having one brand of phone displayed like a piece of crud
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    That's pretty bad. I used to work retail for VZW. If a GM were to see that there would be H*LL to pay. Was it a company store or an indirect store. Big difference.
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