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    Default Using a 9550 on T-Mobile Wi-Fi?

    Hi, I'm new on this site.
    Hope I can get some info or feedback on this posting.
    I'm currently on T-Mobile and have no plans to change carriers anytime soon.
    I'm very interested in buying a BB Storm 2, model 9550. I can find deals on Ebay as well as other places. I know that once the Storm2 is unlocked, it will work on T-Mobile.
    But where I live, my neighborhood is cell dead (no cell signals at all), so I use my Wi-Fi at home, with a Wi-Fi enabled phone, so that my phone functions as it would anywhere else.
    I've been told by several T-Mobile reps and tech support that an unlocked 9550 will work fine on their network, but when its on my home's wi-fi, only the data will work. Phone calls (voice) will likely be a problem. They say that only T-Mobile uses UMA on wi-fi and the 9550 may not work.
    I have called RIM Customer Service and after checking with their tech guys, I was told that the 9550 should not have any problems using UMA on wi-fi.
    But I don't want to buy a 9550 and risk having problems, so I am asking here if anyone here actually uses their 9550 on T-Mobile Hotspots and wi-fi. Any problems or issues?
    Thanks in advance!
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    Pretty sure it won't work.
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    se1000, why do you think that?
    The Storm2 has Wi-Fi and UMA.
    What other issues might cause it to not work on T-Mobile thru Wi-Fi for voice calls?
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    Can anyone confirm if the 9550 will do uma on Tmobile?

    I know I read somewhere else that RIM has said all Tmobile would have to do is create the service books to enable it.
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    Whoa if the storm 2 does have UMA enabled than I'ma go ahead and get

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    I wonder did anybody figure out about using T-mobile on UMA Wifi.I bought 9550 two days ago, I unlocked it and I have T-mobile regular service. At my house I do not have signal and I did not have problem using Pearl 8220 over UMA wifi.Now when I have unlocked Storm 2 I do not know how to set up UMA Wifi and I am not sure if this phone support UMA.
    Do you have any idea what I can do? Thank you ,Jake
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    9550 does NOT support UMA. The only phones to my knowledge that do are the 8320, 8900, 8520, and 9700.

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