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    Default Signing in

    for some reason I now have to log in each time I visit this site both on my PC and my playbook, anyone the same, is there an issue. thanks
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    Not quite. On my PC I am kept logged in but on my PB I have to first click on the "log in" link, but once done it recognizes me and I don't actually have to log in. I am using the Crackberry App on the PB which culd be the problem because I just use the website on my PC.

    I have noticed that the CB app has a few glitches since the upgrade as well. Maybe I'll try using the website on the PB to see what the differencces are.
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    Hi Thanks for your help I didn't know there was another thread sorry, I would have thanked via the usual but tAsd he "thanks" tab is missing as is my ability to see your post as I write this KBZ1960. It's a pain but staying
    As it loaded the tabs came back
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    Just closed CB then reopened and behaviour back to normal for the moment
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    Default Re: Signing in

    I think it acts as if you can only be logged in on one device/pc/laptop. I've noticed that if i log in via my device, I have to log in again when I go to use my laptop.
    Also, I got errors on my government laptop yesterday. By afternoon all was well.....security info probably just needed time to propagate.

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    Hey... Why Do You Want To Know?


    passport i guess is working fine for me at the moment.... No glitches. Some people have problems with logging in and displaying the correct username. Hopefully, the awesome team over here would fix it in a jiffy.
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    please post in the thread above. thanks

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