1. zeratul's Avatar
    my city is getting blackberrys and im suposed to find out how to stop these rim messages. the city managers are getting black berrys but getting thousands of rim messgaes a day. we are using the rederector that comes with the phones, and our exchange server wont be up for a while and we dont want to pay for the bis since we will be getting a micro exchange server.the way our email is setup we have ox with ox extender trasfering the webmail to microsoft outlook. we can get the calender and addressbook and email but we are getting alot of these messages plz help
    02-29-08 09:02 AM
  2. Adam Zeis's Avatar
    Try this:

    1.Delete the following service books:
    *Desktop [CMIME]
    *Desktop [CICAL]

    2.Modify the BlackBerry Desktop Software configuration.

    3.Verify the Redirector Settings icon does not appear in the BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

    4. If the Redirector Settings icon does appear, uninstall the BlackBerry Desktop Software.

    5. Reinstall the BlackBerry Desktop Software and choose the BlackBerry Internet Email option during installation.

    6. Register the device on the network to receive the service books.

    * Some differences may exist depending on carrier.
    02-29-08 09:17 AM