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    I use my BlackBerry Pearl to receive my corporate e-mail through BES. However, it's also my personal phone. My company's IT policy was the default policy, so there were no restrictions.

    I have the address book, calendar, task list and memo pad set to wireless synchronization = no. That way, I can get my work e-mail through BES, while still syncing my personal PIM information with my copy of Outlook at home. It has worked this way flawlessly for the last several months.

    All of a sudden starting tonight, it automatically changes my wireless synchronization = no setting for the CALENDER ONLY to wireless synchronization = yes. It will allow me to set it back to no, but then changes it back to yes within a few minutes.

    This is really driving me crazy. Anyone have any ideas???

    Please help me.
    01-30-08 10:26 PM
  2. sunkast's Avatar
    Did your company's IT policy change?
    01-30-08 10:28 PM
  3. GadgetGuru72's Avatar
    Not that I know of.

    Besides, why would it ONLY change for the calendar and not the other PIM functions (address book, tasks, memo pad)?

    These seems more like a glitch that I can't fix.
    01-30-08 10:29 PM
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    Ok, thanks for the input so far. Here's an update and a bit more background.

    First, regarding corporate policy, IT, etc.

    We are a very small firm of about 15 people, only 10 of which use BlackBerry devices. NONE of the people here use the calendar for work purposes. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who uses it for personal reasons, and everybody else just doesn't use it. We have another program that manages our calendars. So, there is absolutely no reason why a policy would have been implemented to change that setting on purpose. Also, our IT department is 1 guy, and I spoke to him this morning and he said he hasn't touched the settings or made any changes.

    The IT policy under the security settings is currently listed as "Default."

    As a bit of additional background, since my BlackBerry also acts as my personal phone, my address book, calendar, task list and memo pad are used for personal use. Therefore, each of the options for the respective programs have “wireless synchronization = no.”

    I have it set up this way so that I can receive my work e-mail, while still syncing my personal contact information and calendar with my copy of Outlook at home. It has worked perfectly for the last several months ever since I bought the BlackBerry.

    Last night around 6:30pm I noticed that my personal calendar on my BlackBerry started syncing wirelessly with my office copy of Outlook. I checked the settings, and it had automatically changed my “wireless synchronization = no” setting for the calendar to “wireless synchronization = yes.” It DID allow me to set it back to “no,” but then changed it back to “yes” within a few minutes. I reset the BlackBerry a couple of times by pulling the battery, but it always set itself back to “wireless synchronization = yes” within a few minutes.

    I then wondered if perhaps it had something to do with a 3rd party program I had installed. Yesterday morning I installed 3 new programs: WorldMate Live, BlackBerry Maps, and Opera Mini. Since I had no problems prior to yesterday, I uninstalled all 3.

    Then, I completely deleted the calendar on my BlackBerry, changed the setting back to “wireless synchronization = no,” and then sync'ed again with my home computer.

    Since doing all that, the setting has stayed at “wireless synchronization = no.” I reset the BB first thing this morning just to see if it would go back to "yes," and it did not. It still is set to "no."

    Although the problem APPEARS to be resolved, I don't really have any answers for why that happened. Also, I really liked WorldMate Live, BlackBerry Maps and Opera Mini. If none of those programs are the culprit, I'd like to install them again.

    Anyway, does anybody have any ideas what happened here?
    01-31-08 11:08 AM
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    Nobody has any ideas? I'd really like to track down the source of this problem, because if it's not related to any of the programs I mentioned above I'd like to re-install them.
    01-31-08 03:39 PM
  6. jimmers's Avatar
    Install 1 program at a time. Wait a day or so before intalling the next program. As you do this pay close attention to the sync settings and you should be able to narrow the problem down to which program causes the problem. Also try a battery pull before uninstalling the program(s) if the problem surfaces again.
    01-31-08 05:37 PM