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    Hi all,
    Need help...I just got this new BB 8320 from T Mobile and trying to set up with my home router Dlink di-624. I'm unable to get any ip address...getting errors like w002, w010 connection failed. I followed several information I've found such as, using channel 1,2,3, turning off ack, adding mac address on my router and giving a static ip for BB, updating the firmware on my router, etc. nothing works. I got as far as showing on my BB that it's connected to my router because of static ip but when checked on my BB the status, there's no ip, but I did configure on the BB and router a static ip. Still no internet. I also tried my friends house using a Linksys router to no avail. Please help...I love this phone, I don't want to change my mind about this phone and give it a bad review.

    thank you in advance,
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    01-22-08 08:26 AM
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    any security? reset phone and router delete connection and recreate , try reloading software as well. is it t-mobile router?if yes should be option to get key i n setup wifi
    02-09-08 07:14 PM