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    Default MoNa Fitness Contest Week 3 Day 1 - Resting Up!

    It's Fitness Month week 3, and that means sleep and relaxation, and that means our Resting Up contest! Every day this week there'll be a thread in our health and fitness forums, and all you have to do to enter is tell us what you did to rest that day -- sleep, naps, meditation, breathing. The idea is to get a little community pressure going so we all get enough sleep at night, and enough breaks during the day. If you have a sleep tracker or any other app or device that helps you out, you can simply share your results each day!

    This is a great way to keep us all motivated and accountable, and get a little healthy peer-pressure going! Plus, every day you enter is a chance to win a $20 gift certificate! How's that for motivation?!

    You can also join our Fitness Month BBM Group to share more

    So get ready, and get posting in the thread below!
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    Reading e-books on my PlayBook Kobo app before bed, which I am finding fastracks my relaxation. Best nights sleep in weeks..
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    Ran 4 miles then sat in hot tub!
    BlackBerry Zed 10, PlayBook
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    Slept early at 9 PM last night after playing with and putting my 2 years old son to sleep.
    Feeling refreshed this morning with 9 hours sleep which is a luxury for me.
    My sleep time is normally 5 - 6 hours.
    BB10 Finally January 30th 2013
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    What a GREAT week for Resting Up! I have the whole week off from school meaning I will be sure to get all of my sleep in to compliment the extra time I have to exercise.
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    I have been going to bed 1 hour earlier!
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    Quote Originally Posted by pkcable View Post
    I have been going to bed 1 hour earlier!
    im sleeping 1 hour later lol
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    Part of being rested is waking up fresh and calm. The blackberry alarm gradually grows louder making sure I don't jolt awake. The ringtones are pretty soothing to wake up to and make sure my restful sleep carries on with a calm day. I make sure naps are no longer or shorter than 90 minutes so that you wake up at the best part of your sleep cycle
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    I love having a good night sleep after a run. Running is not really just for the purpose of staying fit for me. It helps me relaxes as well. When i jog, I take of my glasses, plug in some tunes, fire up endomondo app, and just immerse myself in it. Everything is just a blur without glasses seeing just enough to find my way, music separates me from the busy city noises. I take the time to shut myself off, perhaps think about things, reflect, and just sweat everything out.

    Then of course a nice long shower followed by a good night's sleep.

    Might not work for everyone but it works for me. Use to take 3 types of medication for my high blood pressure. Nowadays i've managed to reduce it to just 1.
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    The only time I rest is when I'm in bed lol.

    I'm either at the gym or at work.

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