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    Default I'm a convert

    I just wanted to drop in here and say hello basically. I've been following BB10 for quite a while now and have a Dev Alpha device and I think I'm sold. I'm currently using a Pre3, before that I used a Pre- and used to be a regular on the PreCentral forums but my phone now is starting to show that Palm is no more and that ship has sunk sadly.

    Now that I've seen the actual finished device and the finished software, how it flows, how it makes use of gestures, how email works, among many other things I am just impressed. I look forward to joining these forums and seeing where this goes in the future.
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    Just ask


    Awesome to have you and welcome to the forums.
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    By request.


    Welcome to the CrackBerry side of life, you've arrived as the waters are warming up!
    If it needs fixing, report it!
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    Welcome, and enjoy !!
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    Welcome to Crackberry! We're glad to have you as part of the group!
    Posted using my 32 gig Playbook - and 9 times out of 10, my new BB OEM mini keyboard
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    Bring some of your WebOS friends!
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    welcome to the family..
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    Cool, another former webOS refugee. It's a shame what has happened with webOS, the Pre3 is fantastic device, but needs updating badly, I've run into several bugs and with the way the browser displayed small font I couldn't stay with after a month or so. I still give a disappointed sigh when I set the alarm on it, as that's what it's been reduced to, almost never leaving its touchstone.
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    android = 48pc tool set (you"ll eventually find the tool you need, but some assembly required)
    iphone = swiss army knife (most of the tools you need in a small, simple to use package)
    blackberry = adjustable wrench (sometimes all you need is a wrench)
    windows phone = bionic wrench (its different....but it works)
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    welcome to BB
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    Welcome! You are wanted and I'm glad you enjoy us and our devices. Sorry for your loss. But hope is not all lost!
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    Quote Originally Posted by robtanz View Post
    Bring some of your WebOS friends!
    YES! any developers you know, or overall good people are welcome lol

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    Welcome to the big happy BlackBerry family!=)
    Be Proud
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