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    Default How to splice a broken rapid charger and an extra usb cable?

    So the mini usb connector on my rapid charger has begun to short out. I had an idea of taking another mini usb cable and just cutting the end off of it and splicing the wires together to each other and saving a few bucks. Well I took the rapid charger cable and cut it. Inside it a thick white and a thick black. Now, I know that the usb cable will have more colors but it should have white and black. So I cut the usb cable and there are 4 colors, red, green, black, white. So I just hooked up the black and whites, plug it into my playbook.... AND nothing. So I played with it connecting different wires together.

    Finally after what felt like forever I managed to get a red light on my dead playbook, by connecting the white wire to the red, and the black to the black. Then after about a minute it just shut off.. I am at a loss right now, I cannot figure this out, anyone tried this or have any suggestions on what to try, anthing will help.
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    This might be way off given what you're trying to do, but take a look at this thread.
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    Amazon .....PlayBook Desktop Rapid charger starting at$15.50
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    I just picked up a rapid charger for $10 at staples. Might be worth your while to seek one instead of fimbling around with soldering wires and electrical tape

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