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    Default Which headless apps are running on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone?

    Currently I m running battery and system analyser, usage pro and hub++ on my Z10

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    Headless Horseman

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    None. The Z10s lack of battery capacity makes it hard to run anything in the background and the think last.

    I like the headless app option though.

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    Data Usage Counter

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    Snap2chat pro

    Posted via my STA100-5 z30
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    Power Tools

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    ky swear


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    Only BeBuzz.

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    I'm running Wallpaper Changer HD on my Z30.

    What I am mostly interested in though is hearing from folks about the impact on battery life when running these apps headless(ly). In the case of Wallpaper Changer HD, it seems to have almost zero negative effect on the battery.

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