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    Default carriers and daughter carriers/partnerships

    Hello my question is witch carriers are the head carriers and witch are the daughter carriers/partnerships ??
    I was wondering witch one those are ???

    I have heared that's are VERIZON and VODAFONE

    because i have seen that (on tv) last year with the formula 1 in austin texas with the VODAFONE McLAREN MERCEDES F1team
    that's had with that's race a VERIZON sponsorship on the car

    So i was wondering is there more carriers or partnerships ???

    here in the netherlands are
    KPN, HI and telfort the same
    and T-MOBILE and SIMPEL.NL

    so my question was is there more of those partnerships in the usa,canada or the rest of the world
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    Deutsche Telekom is the parent company of T-Mobile USA, and EE UK (T-Mobile UK+Orange UK), and other worldwide carriers.
    Koodo Mobile is a subsidiary of Telus Mobility (Canada)
    Fido is a subsidiary of Rogers Wireless (Canada)
    Virgin Mobile Canada is a subsidiary of Bell Mobility
    TracFone Wireless (U.S. provider) is an almost-fully owned subsidiary of América Móvil (Mexican company)

    These are the ones I can think of right now.

    Edit: here's one more. MetroPCS was acquired by T-Mobile USA.
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    Vodafone holds 40% of Verizon. And operates in most regions of the world through partnerships. The world's largest carrier I believe.
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    Sprint has Boost Mobile.

    Outside of that, all other "minor" carriers in the US are considered MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) which essentially means a separate company provides the brand service, but utilizes one of the Big 4's network for actual voice/text/data. Every MVNO I can think of is pay-as-you-go/prepaid/no-contract (at least in the US).

    For instance, Virgin Mobile USA is a subsidiary of Virgin, but they utilize Sprint's network. Virgin Mobile USA would be considered the MVNO.

    SimpleMobile uses TMobile's network (which I believe is owned by TMo but is suppose to sell it off to TracFone).

    Cricket uses Sprint's network.

    And I believe Straight Talk uses a all four of Verizon, Sprint, T-Mo and AT&T's networks.

    Page Plus uses Verizon.

    There are dozens more MVNO's in the US, but those are the main ones.

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