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    Default Bluetooth for two

    I wonder if anyone knows of a bluetooth headset that can sync to two devices and allow you to select which device you want to sync with. I carry a PlayBook and a Torch 9600 (waiting for the Zed10 ... which btw really sucks if you are in Australia). I have one Motorola S10 and I can register with both devices. But there are times I want to link with the Torch and other times to the PlayBook. To swap between the two depending on my preference for the moment is a frustrating experience.

    Secondly, when linked to the PlayBook, and a call comes in... my PlayBook volume goes quiet and the display informs me of an incoming call but I can't switch to take the call. I have to fumble around to answer the call.

    Does anyone know of a bluetooth headset that can do this? OR, does anyone have the resources to bring this to market!
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    Default Bluetooth for two

    Blueant Q2 V1.1 connects to two devices.....

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    I have a Jawbone Era paired with my work phone and 9900. I can answer calls on both and the Era can even stream music. Give it a try, was definately worth it for me.
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    Stereo ... in one ear? I was hoping to shut out all sound. But its good ... you've both given me a word I didn't know before ..."Multipoint". I've searched and I've got a few products. Thank you.
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    you probably aren't going to get it


    The Motorola H10 does this, and actually includes instructions on how to do so in the documentation.
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    Tiassa, thanks. You must mean the S10, but my instructions don't mention multipoint. I found that out on further reading online that the S10 has the Multipoint feature. I didn't know what that was before. I tried it out yesterday and proved that it did work, but not very well. That's the reason why I asked the question in the first place. But now I know it works and I know how to get around some of the idiosyncrasies, I'll persevere. I've discovered I must link it in a particular order. PlayBook first then 9600. I don't know if its the S10, the PlayBook or the Torch that's to blame, but that's how this threesome works.

    I realised after reading about Multipoint, that there is a significant market for the single earpiece for streaming music. It must be a safety issue. I like to be absorbed in my own ambience. The noise and chatter around is too distracting. However I found good reviews for the Jawbone / Blueant type earpiece, but not a single good review for any stereo wraps. So I'm glad to discover my S10 has multipoint albeit in a half-baked fashion.

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