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    This seems to be a great idea. However, I found out this was the root of my GPS for not being able to locate satellites. If you've read my posts' I was having some difficulty in having the GPS locate satellites while refreshing on my 8310. So I thought it was a faulty GPS and I went ahead and exchanged it for a new one. After exchanging, it worked and I thought I had solved the problem until I got home and restored my BB. I had the Berry Locator app in my back-up files and when I tried to refresh the satellite, it kept on doing the same thing.."failed location..."

    After a few tries I found the Berry Locator was the app that kept the GPS from working. After installing it I tried refreshing and it didn't work so I deleted the app and I tried again-- it worked. I think I may mess with the app a few times to see if I'm setting up properly.

    Here's the link to the Berry Locator.

    Berry Locator : Retrieve your lost BlackBerry by just sending an email
    03-24-08 11:34 AM