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    Lightbulb #BB10 or #BlackBerry10 trending on TWITTER?

    Hey Guys,

    SO - are there any official plans to smash the twitterverse with #BB10 and #BlackBerry10 hashtags close to the BB10 launch? I would LOVE to see BlackBerry 10 trending as a top topic!

    I'm wondering if the crackberry community would be willing to all pitch in and drop a few excited comments on twitter with the #BB10 or #BlackBerry10 tags?


    Tweeting about being excited about #BB10 - "#BB10 launches tomorrow - SOO KEEN!"
    Tweeting to your local carrier about #BB10 - "@Telstra - Cant' WAIT to get #BB10 - Take my money!!"
    Tweeting to your favorite developer about #BB10 - "Hey @Rovio, I've got cash waiting for you, hope you've got Angry Birds Star Wars ready for #BB10"

    I'm sure there's many more ideas.

    Would love to know if there's other plans for a twitter blitz - if we can all align we might be able to help generate buzz for the launch of BB10. The more buzz, the more interest from the media and developers alike - and when the spotlight's on our amazing BB10 platform, it means more investment, more apps, more good times for all of us!

    Can't wait! :-D Who else is keen!?
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    I'd be genuinely surprised if it didn't end up trending on January 30th. I know I'll be tweeting a whole lot about it, and I'm certainly not the only member of #TeamBlackBerry on Twitter!
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    I believe it trended in September regarding BB10 and the new stuff they showed there.
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    I think there should be a rolling wave cresting on Jan 30.
    How does one do that??????
  5. jesse_h's Avatar
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    I think it will do a good job at trending on its own without me annoying my followers by constantly tweeting about it. I'll mention it a few times in normal conversation, but I'm not going overboard.
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    Check this out. . .
    Credit to CB members 312 and BooGz as well as@NICKVALENTIN0 for this easy way to tweet Devs about BB10 app support. . .get it trending and let 'em know you want apps!

    Join The Hunt #BB10

    The Hunt Is On #BB10

  7. jesse_h's Avatar
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    I've tweeted 3 companies that i personally want on BB10, two of them responded.
  8. Bold_until_Hybrid_Comes's Avatar
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    itl trend on Jan 30 no matter what. it was even trending on the day they announced the launch date of january 30.
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