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    Quote Originally Posted by Thunderbuck View Post
    There's surprising excitement over this in my "sleepy little mountain town".
    How much excitement? I'm in a not very sleepy mountain village (whistler) and the TELUS dealer here didn't know of any shipments arriving as of today. I have a pre-order waiting for me in Calgary at the end of the week, but once I found out about the ability to cancel pre-orders with no penalty I figured I'd take a shot at getting it sooner. Doesn't seem promising though at this point.
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    Quote Originally Posted by omniusovermind View Post
    I haven't washed myself or changed my clothes for the last 2 weeks because that's how I intend to clear out any lineups tomorrow. Just in case, I'm also eating a can of beans for breakfast and washing it down with coffee.
    I lol'd. That is borderline assault!
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    Default Re: Anyone else in Canada attempting fate tomorrow?

    Quote Originally Posted by jvictor77 View Post
    I see.....so what's the difference in models?
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    I am waiting on my store to open. I went by at 9:00am and it does not open until 10:00am. At the moment, I am just killing some time at McDonalds nearby until then. The model I pre-ordered was the black Z10 and it is just 20 minutes away from being in my hands. I am just so giddy with excitement
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