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    After a couple months of hard work my brother has completed his first BlackBerry 10 app. This game was built using Cascades, QML, C++ and Qt. He designed it with the intention of making it look and feel like a native game built specifically for BlackBerry 10, integrating it’s gestures, application menu, Scoreloop and of course BBM Social Platform. He has a lot more features which are currently in the works and a few “special ideas” that he doesn't want to jinx if in case he can actually pull them off.

    Check out WordsPlus
    Please give reviews; if you have any suggestions/features to ask for or bugs to report.

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    WordsPlus is possibly the most fun, most charming and most connected word search game for BlackBerry 10.
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    12-04-12 05:35 PM
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    Thanx for this nice share
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    12-10-12 04:49 AM
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    This looks pretty fun! Love me a good word search game from time to time! Will def have to look into it!
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    12-10-12 05:19 AM
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    Hi everyone!

    I'm the developer of WordsPlus and I wanted to first thank you so much for the great support as WordsPlus is one of the top 50 rated games on App World for Alpha Dev phones.

    Secondly, I'd like to announce the release of version 1.1 available today.
    • Updated user interface
    • Scoreloop integration
    • Bug fixes

    BBM is currently not working on this version with any Alpha Devices upgraded to Gold SDK. This will be fixed in the next release along with more features in the coming weeks.

    Thanks again for all the comments, reviews and downloads.
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    12-13-12 10:18 AM
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    Installed, Played, Awesome!!! Nice game!

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    12-18-12 11:50 PM
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    @edyb - Thanks for the comments. There's a version 1.2 currently awaiting approval and I'm working on a few bugs and UI changes for v1.3 right now.

    If you have any critiques or would just like to see some new features please let me know, I love user feedback.
    And if you can, please leave an AppWorld review, it'll be much appreciated

    Also, I read up on Quantum Colliders and it seems pretty interesting. Looking forward to its release!

    12-19-12 11:31 AM
  7. Jaiaca's Avatar
    Hi Everyone,
    Version 1.2 has been released! ( built on the "Gold SDK" )

    Designed for Blackberry 10 using cascades, Qt and C++
    • BBM Integration
    • Rotate for puzzle hints
    • Scoreloop Integration
    • UI updates
    • Bug fixes

    Major UI update coming for v1.3, more bug fixes and more features!

    Please leave a review in AppWorld if you liked, loved or hated the game, I want to hear ALL feedback

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    Version 1.3 is out for Christmas...umm, Boxing Day

    What's New:
    • Default theme revealed - "Love at first sight"
    • Rotate for limited puzzle hints
    • Improved touch functionality
    • Kill a lot of bugs
    • ...And a lot more to come before launch!

    Leave a review and tell me what you love or hate about WordsPlus!

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    12-26-12 10:28 AM
  9. kuffkuff's Avatar
    Btw this game keep me entertained on several flights in Dec, thanks do much, i'm a sucker for word games, LOVE IT!!
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    12-27-12 07:50 AM
  10. Jaiaca's Avatar
    @kuffkuff - thanks for the great comment. It would be awesome if you could copy & paste that into a BlackBerry World review
    And if you have any feedback on features you'd like to see please let me know I'm currently in the progress of v1.4

    Btw, did you upgrade to v1.3? It has a new UI and improved functionality.
    Thanks again for your support
    12-28-12 09:47 AM
  11. russnash's Avatar
    Hi Jaiaca,

    I downloaded this to check it out yesterday and really enjoyed playing it... the only thing I did find a little annoying was that it can be tough sometimes to drag over the words in a straight line, i.e. if you're selecting downwards you can accidentally slip into the next column invalidating your word selection. Perhaps you could code the game so that as soon as two adjacent letters are dragged over, further dragging is locked to the same row?

    A future idea would be to be able to generate random grids and incorporate a dictionary to allow free format word searching...

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    12-31-12 02:12 PM
  12. Jaiaca's Avatar
    Hi Russ,

    Thanks a lot for the feedback.
    I'll be adding your bug and suggestions to my list, hopefully for the next update later this month.
    A few things I'm already working on for v1.4 but I'll try to fit everything in.

    Thanks again for the download and feedback.
    And if you have a minute...share the love and add a review on BlackBerry App World

    01-01-13 04:12 PM
  13. thecsman's Avatar
    Will this game get some PlayBook love?
    01-01-13 04:14 PM
  14. russnash's Avatar
    Hi Russ,

    Thanks a lot for the feedback.
    I'll be adding your bug and suggestions to my list, hopefully for the next update later this month.
    A few things I'm already working on for v1.4 but I'll try to fit everything in.

    Thanks again for the download and feedback.
    And if you have a minute...share the love and add a review on BlackBerry App World

    Hi Jason,

    Looking forward to the update!!

    I seem to have an issue with BlackBerry World on my Dev Alpha where it isn't registering any of my downloaded apps in 'My World' (the list is always empty), so it won't let me add a review. However, if I get this issue fixed I will be sure to add a 5 star review!! Definitely deserving!

    01-02-13 08:25 AM
  15. Jaiaca's Avatar
    Definitely. As soon as they bring BB10 to the playbook I'll be updating WordsPlus...Actually, I plan on doing a redesign specific to the playbook, it's form factor and any new gestures that might come with it. So be on the look out for that....But don't let that stop you from getting my app on Jan 30th

    I've heard of this problem with others about "My World". Not a problem but thanks a lot for the comments. Getting feedback (good or bad) is always a good thing in my opinion.

    Btw, does anyone know if you're able to record a video of your app on the phone? (like a demo video for youtube or vimeo type thing)

    01-02-13 10:03 AM
  16. russnash's Avatar
    I haven't personally heard of anything that will record video in terms of an app, however I'm sure you could do something hardware wise using the HDMI output.

    Btw, I wiped and reloaded my dev alpha and was able to leave you a review.

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    01-03-13 01:12 PM
  17. Jaiaca's Avatar
    Thanks Russ, that's a good idea I'll try that out.
    And thanks a lot for the great review! Having a true BB10 UI experience is exactly what I want my end users to feel

    Achievements coming to v1.4...stay tuned!
    01-03-13 08:56 PM
  18. russnash's Avatar
    One other small thing I noticed after wiping my device and reloading it... if the connection to BBM is not completed there doesn't seem to be anyway to get past the main screen to the game...
    01-04-13 10:36 AM
  19. Jaiaca's Avatar
    Reproduced. Thanks for the bug report, Russ.

    I'll add it to my list but it'll probably not get fixed for the next release. I'm going on the assumption that on initial setup or wiping/reloading a device blackberry will implement a "welcome/set up" process which would pretty much force users to sign in or create a new id enabling bbm and all other bb services. Very similarly to windows phone or an iphone (google probably does the same thing with android).

    But in any case, it is a bug so it's on the list.
    Thanks again
    01-05-13 10:30 AM
  20. Jaiaca's Avatar
    New Update - WordsPlus v1.4 now with Achievements!

    Still some bugs to work out but by Jan 30th so look out for the next update coming soon. And thanks for all the support and feedback.
    Love the game? Leave a review. Find a bug...discreetly tell me

    Click image for larger version. 

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    01-11-13 09:30 AM
  21. Jaiaca's Avatar
    WordsPlus v1.4 has just passed the Built for BlackBerry certification!
    Possibly the most fun, most charming and most connected word search game for BlackBerry 10

    Thanks everyone for your support and great feedback. Look out for more updates and get your copy on launch date.
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    01-18-13 08:14 AM
  22. Jaiaca's Avatar
    WordsPlus launch ready now available for only $0.99
    Be on the look out for a number of updates coming in February!
    Thanks again for all the feedback and support - if you love the game please leave a review

    01-24-13 09:42 PM

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