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    Default Popular - Beach Buggy Blitz - makes it to Blackberry World (Free)

    Game Name: Beach Buggy Blitz

    Popular game from iOS/Android platform - Beach Buggy Blitz - is available for Z10 in Blackberry World.
    Its awesome game with nice graphics and above all its FREE.
    It has already got great reviews!!

    Link: BlackBerry World - Beach Buggy Blitz

    Age Rating: G - General

    Price: FREE

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  2. Ben1232's Avatar
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    I got this a few days ago and think it's blimmin marvelous.
  3. jodirt's Avatar
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    Looks fun gonna be a pick up when I get my z10
  4. pttptppt's Avatar
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    it says it's available for the playbook but when i checked, it wasn't there. false advertising
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    This is a great game but I find it really heats up my phone and kills my battery as well. Anyone else notice this?
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    Mine gets really hot when playing to, but if you think about it the graphics are really good.. and your playing it On a phone!! A phone with no ventilation or way to cool itself when hot.

    I think I saw an option to lower the graphics quality though, you should try that when your playing in a place where you can't charge your phone.

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    Can this thread also be moved under Game Announcements?
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    love this game! its HARD and takes quite a bit of playing to be able to get a faster car/farther so there is tons of replay value. but cant play for very long as the phone gets so hot its almost scary.

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