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    Default Requesting assistance with BBM Groups

    Hello all - I am rather new to CrackBerry, BBM Groups, and forums in general so please bear with me with me as I formulate this question to the best of my ability.

    I recently created two BBM Groups and posted them here on CrackBerry with minor fuss. Yay for me. In each forum post I included a QR Code / Bar code of each BBM Group so as to make them easier to join. Yay for me again.

    What I realised thereafter was that though this makes joining easy for anyone reading the posts from a screen other than their BlackBerrys, it does NOT make it easy for someone actually reading the thread from their BlackBerry and thinking to themselves "Oh hey, I want to join that group". At least, not that I can tell. I don't think it's possible to scan a QR code on your BlackBerry screen from the same BlackBerry, right? That's my assumption. If someone knows otherwise, please let me know, that would solve my issue.

    SO, if I am right in my assumption and one cannot scan a QR / Bar code from one's own BlackBerry when said code appears on the BlackBerry's own screen, I am looking for another way to make it easy for someone reading the post to just "tap or click here" to join the group, to make as easy for someone who would be scanning the QR / Bar code from another source.

    I tried getting the text URL for the group from the code and pasting it into a thread, but when it comes up in the CrackBerry app on the BlackBerry, the link is not clickable / tappable. I then tried adding the CrackBerry post editor tool's "Link" too to make the URL text an actual URL, though the only effect that had was that the URL appears clickable / tappable in the BlackBerry's CrackBerry app, but tapping / clicking on it has no effect. After making this change I tried to view the same thread post in my browser both on computer and on the Z10. When I click it DOES react but on the Z10 browser I just get a message "Unable to open bbg:<yadda yadda>".

    So I've shared a lot of detail but the point I am really focused on is "is there a way for BlackBerry users to be able to join my BBM Group, on their own, as easily as if they had scanned the bar code, when all they have access to is the phone itself, and no outside media from which to scan the code"?

    I am trying to avoid things like "Send me your PIN" and such because that just creates so many more steps and acts as a barrier to entry. Similarly, I don't see myself telling the reader "Just take this bar code you see here, and arrange to print or display it somewhere other than on your BlackBerry screen and then scan it".

    Any input on this would be most appreciated!
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