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    Default UK University Students (Keep PINs updated, 18-25yr old preffered)

    First of all, I LOVE CrackBerry and all things BlackBerry
    What I love so much is the cluttered amount of threads with PIN requests that most people don't respond to, either they're old and unused BBs or their posts are empty promises.
    This thread is for ALL UK University Students between the ages of 18-25
    Please, don't bother posting your PIN if:
    1. Not from the UK
    2. Don't speak English (I'm sorry, it's hard to communicate otherwise!)
    3. Not a Uni student
    4. Younger than 18 or older than 25

    The idea of this thread is so that people can note down what they're studying, how old they are and what or who they're looking for, that way, people don't feel the need to add and delete people they think they wouldn't in the first place.

    I'll start off first: mypin:2A580D21,
    Billy, male and I study Creative Media Technology at Leeds Met University,
    I'm looking for a pure platonic relationship with a female, I'm 19, turning 20 in 2 days
    In BBRY we trust
    Editor over at BlackBerry Empire @
    I'm the guy who provides APKs
    BBM Channel: C001232F7
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    Default BBM pins share the love!

    Hey my names Muddy I'm 22 studying at Leeds Met University doing Creative Media Technology yeah I know its dead cool but add me on 29037B03 maybe we can talk about work and stuff. We can help one another!
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    Anyone from London here? I am 23, male, from central London. Doing my masters at the moment. if you're looking for friends, casual chat, or fun please add! No pervy chats please.

    PIN 2987AD5C


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