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    Default pins BlackBerry more add

    pins BlackBerry
    Conditions without children
    All who are here from 25 to 40
    All staff
    Estimated to add coffee if you employee
    Added 22/12/2012 Saturd

    Name: Pure Heart
    PIN: 2821E20D
    work: (Public Relations and Information )
    Age: 26
    Conditions: accept additions entrepreneurs only

    Name: His Royal Highness
    PIN: 26f6708d
    work: Saudi Arabian Airlines
    Age 26:
    Conditions: Book international and domestic flights

    Name: EROOR
    PIN: 26DA3DED
    work: American bank Samba.
    Age: 25

    Name: Prince 7BKOR
    PIN: 2205C167
    work: Passports
    Conditions: To help in the problems of walnuts and renewal of stays

    Name: ANA
    PIN: 2603834C
    work: Head of press reports.
    Age: 33
    Conditions: I hope that young people and adolescents not only added 25 and above to serve businessmen and businesswomen.

    Name: Waleed Jocar
    Pin: 23B418A9
    Age: 25
    Title: Chairman and Administrative Services Unit

    Name: crazy you
    PIN: 26723FE9
    work: British Electricity Company
    Age: 25

    Name: Alchuird Telecom
    PIN: 21f1951d
    work: Alchuird group communications and air-conditioning
    Age: 32

    Name: 5.k
    PIN: 22B72AC0
    work: Saudi recruitment
    Age: 25

    Name: I wished my life with you
    PIN: 299995f3
    work: Ministry of Labour.

    Name: tired laugh
    PIN: 213D0C50
    work: Abu Dhabi Customs.
    Age: 26

    Name: academic stars
    PIN: 25E83A86
    Job: Hospital d. Sulaiman Al Habib.
    Age: 26

    Name: played distinctive
    PIN: 23010460
    job: Saudi Oger.
    Age: 28

    Name: Bdr
    PIN: 298788FE
    Position: Junior.
    Age: 25

    Sorry for all the management
    Please accept the assurances of respect

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