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    Default Most used programming language for developing apps?

    Hello CB users,

    Lately I thought about developing apps for BB (os 10-7-PB) and I want to start developing it.
    What are the most commonly used programming languages for developing apps.

    At the moment I am a Web Developer so I am familiar to program also I am working at a software company.

    I know:
    PHP/ html / css (even html and css aren't languages) /basics of Java / Flash / some jQuery.

    I saw WebWorks and I thought that webworks is only used to make small apps using html and jquery (mostly) correct me if i'm wrong.

    Can some of you reply to this thread so I can take a look at the advantages of the frameworks u use so I can make a decision what to use.
    As there are a lot of different systems what people use.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Webworks is the easiest language for you. BB10 has special API's designed for WebWorks.

    Please google for BBUI.js for a quick start tutorial
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    First of all thanks Jeroen for the information.

    I googled BBUI.JS and everybody was talking about the bb10.

    Is BBUI.js also compatible with Blackberry OS 7 / OS 6 ?

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    BBUI.js is also compatible with OS 6&7 , but only for the button/textfield styling.

    The whole app styling is available for the Playbook OS & BB10.

    If you want to know more about BB10 development, please ask a mod to move this topic to the BB10 App Development (sub)forum, or re-open a topic there !

    I highly recommend that you only develop apps for BB10/Playbook only.
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    Default Most used programming language for developing apps ??

    You can also use jquerymobile and go cross platform

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    Be happy to move the thread IF you want! I agree with the others Webworks sounds like your best bet and BB10 development is also the way to go.
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    Default Re: Most used programming language for developing apps ??

    Not an expert, but Ruby, Python and JavaScript might be an idea.
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    If you are familiar with HTML, you should follow the Webworks route.
    Good luck !
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    Might as well toss in my two cents. Steer clear of jquery & jquery mobile. It will kill performance and saves you very little (if any) development time.
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    Edit: Not the most used obviously, but damn pretty.
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    Enyo is a poor choice for BB10. Use the provided UI framework so that your app doesn't look like a crappy port.

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