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    Default Problems extracting contacts

    I've had a white screen problem with my Bold 9700. I'm pretty sure it's the LCD, but having replaced it once, I don't want to throw any more money into a phone that has been dropped far too many times. I just want to extract my contacts in any kind of accessible format. Fortunately it appears that just the screen is dead; I was able to use BlackBerry Desktop 7 to back up the phone.

    I saw a trick mentioned of using RIM's simulator. So I downloaded that, "restored" my backup onto the fake virtual phone, and it looks just like I remembered it, complete with contacts. But I'm now stuck; everything I've tried based on web searches to export my contacts doesn't work or can't work:

    * Using Google's sync app to export to a GMail account isn't an option because Google stopped providing the sync app.
    * Telling BIS (via AT&T) to sync contacts with my GMail account didn't work either. The instructions say I need to do something to enable the sync on my phone, and my real phone's LCD is white screened, so I can't do anything with it.
    * It appears RIM's simulator doesn't talk to AT&T's network or BIS, so I can't try to allow the sync via the "virtual" phone.
    * I don't really use Outlook. And I've only got an ancient version of it. (Office 2000? I'm not kidding.) I tried having BlackBerry Desktop export to Outlook. I'm getting a MAPI error.
    * I heard BlackBerry Desktop could export to a CSV. I don't see an option. I've also heard that the feature ended in Desktop version 6, and I'm running 7. So no dice.
    * I've heard that MagicBerry can read backup files. I tried loading my .bbb file. Parse error. No dice.
    * BlackBerry Protect has a backup of my phone. But given that I don't want to install to a new BlackBerry (sorry, I'm defecting, probably to iPhone, maybe Android), I'm not sure how much good that's going to do.

    At least I can manually open my contacts list on the simulated phone, and copy them down by hand. But I've got 300+ contacts, and, frankly, I'd much rather avoid this if there is any way to extract the contacts to something else.

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    Use the device switch wizard, when you get a new phone. May I suggest a TracFone for a month. Maybe less.

    Desktop 6.1

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