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    Default First PowerPoint (Docs-to-go) with Z30

    Hi All, just like to share my experiences with the Z30, some peripherals, the Docs-to-Go app, and presenting a PowerPoint show (Office 2010 pptx doc).

    I had an HDMI adapter to allow hook-up to the VGA port on data projector (startech VGA adapter). I had the show on a USB stick using the USB-on-the-go feature (startech USB OTG adapter). I had a Logitech bluetooth keyboard designed for tablets and Microsoft bluetooth mouse hooked up.

    The presentation ran smoothly (I actually just opened the powerpoint doc and within 3 secs it just jumped right into the show). I did not try any of the fancy presentation views. The keyboard allowed me to immediately used the T and B keys for top and bottom of show, the P and N keys for previous and next and the I and O keys for zoom in and out. Mouse fully integrated as if you were swiping with your finger.

    The battery went from 95% to 25% after constantly showing the slide show for 4 hours (audience took breaks but I did not turn off the show).

    I was pretty happy with the experience and will be trying it again. I expected the battery drain, so was not surprized by that (more surprized I had any left and did not need to plug in).

    Anyone else have any input, like different set-up, trying different slideshow views or got longer battery life?
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    The experience with docs-to-go is on of the best in the whole market! @work we have long presentations full of media. The Z10 is tho only device which is capable of handling the presentation!
    The only thing: please include media presentation within the slides! This is the only one. The rest is perfect FOR ME!
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    That's pretty cool but what I am really interested in knowing is, how did the audience react when they saw this done from a Blackberry?

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    Thanks schwartze, I'll remember that.

    calicocat, actually that was the only bad thing, I couldn't brag because the equipment (except for the keyboard and mouse) had to be set up out of site. So many people did even notice what was going on. I was first in and last out so no one saw me set up or tear down. I think one person saw my home screen at the end, because he shot me a quick smile after seeing my BB logo I use as a background. Otherwise no comments, I think after 4 hrs people were generally just happy to get out of there.
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    Quite the drain on the battery, but that is some pretty serious use of peripherals. Good to see the Z30 performed. Can't wait to get mine

    I did a short 15 minute BlackBerry Express presentation with my Z10 and an HDMI capable projector. Got a few oohs and aahs from those in attendance hehe

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