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    Default Vibration question

    Hi all..waiting for my verizon order..and wondering if anyone can give their opinion on the intensity of the vibration motor in the z10..Strong or weak?..thanks..
  2. jasonyip33's Avatar
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    Very strong
  3. mark#AC's Avatar
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    Thats good to hear...blackberry always seem to do well in this area...and this feature is Important to me.
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    Yes I had that concern too. Trust me it's very very strong

    Posted via CB10 using BBZ10
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    If the phone is on a hard surface or in your hand the vibrate is nice and strong. It only vibrates once and cannot yet be customised to have it do more.

    However, I find that if my Z10 is resting on a soft surface it is easily missed. I miss some alerts now and this rarely happened with my 9900 which I had set to vibrate twice. It's not a problem when you can see your phone because the led will alert you.

    The Hub++ app let's you adjust the length of the vibrate for some alerts.
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    Excellent..I use a holster for phones and nothing is worse than a wimpy vibration motor..seems than more and more manufactures have cut back on this feature in favor of form factor
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    Vibration could be stronger for sure.. and would be nice if it would vibrate more than once like previous phones ( without having to download Hub ++ app)
    Overall unbelievable phone but notification customization lacking at launch.. hoping to get better with next update

    Posted via CB10 from my Z10
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    Just adding to what others have said, for message alerts you get a single vibrate. Compared to legacy devices, I'd say it's between a medium and a long vibrate.

    I like it overall, except find it super annoying for group chats in BBM as you can't set different alerts for BBM group chats vs regular BBM chats.

    Can't wait for more customizations, whether through OS or via 3rd party apps once they can run in background.

    Posted via CB10
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    Sorry guys I feel the vibrating is too week, may be because of the Flipcase? I have to constantly just if I have missed any calls when I am outside.
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    We are talking about phone right? Of course BB can always add on the taser function.

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