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    Default Verizon Z10 unlocked?

    My iPhone 5 with Verizon 5 was unlocked due to some Federal Court ruling. Is that ruling for all phones i.e. z10, or only the iPhone?
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    It was not unlocked due to some court ruling. If that were true, Verizon's other multi-band LTE phones should work on another carriers' network and they don't. The iPhone was left unlocked cause Verizon chose not to lock it.
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    Default Re: Verizon Z10 unlocked?


    Seems like it is unlocked just because.

    HTC's Windows Phone 8X is unlocked on Verizon as well.
    Personally I don't really care if the new BlackBerry phones are unlocked or not. All the GSM providers have terrible coverage where I live, while Verizon has LTE here.

    It would be nice for some, so hopefully they are unlocked.
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    Default Verizon Z10 unlocked?

    I hope its unlocked as well and supports all kinds of bands. At least HSPA+. I am currently station in japan and use my verizon BB unlocked here. So this would make life a bit easier for me than having to call global and explain my situation.

    I give them props though. Even with my account suspended they are more than happy to assist me with a free unlock code.

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