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    I have two micro SIM cards from two different providers. The SIM card with teh big chip is from Asia, the other one is from UK. I am puzzled that the size of the chip is so different for the same type of micro SIM cards. Does anyone know if there are many different types of micro SIM cards, or if it is just that one of them in an older generation compared to the other?

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    02-21-13 10:20 AM
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    One should be with NFC and the other without.

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    02-21-13 10:36 AM
  3. dracolnyte's Avatar
    i dont think the bottom one can be transformed into a nano sim
    02-21-13 10:40 AM
  4. xamdam's Avatar
    One should be with NFC and the other without.

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    I have my old sim in my Z10 and the New Sim that has the NFC Suretap in it is the exact sam size, i just use the older sim as i could careless about making payments through my phone, plus its not a huge widespread service right now as only a few banks offer this and a very very limited stores offer this option of payment.

    The one from Asia well who knows why it is bigger as maybe due to carriers over there not sure.
    02-21-13 10:40 AM
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    Thanks for the replies. There is no NFC in any if them. Maybe just different types of cars. Indeed, then big one can't be cut down to nano size so that is clearly one restriction on the big card already

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    02-21-13 06:06 PM
  6. slashstarfish's Avatar
    Why would you cut the one with the bigger chip down? They are both micro sims and you can't cut the micro sim further down unless you want a nano sim..
    02-21-13 06:25 PM
  7. orgaloth's Avatar
    I work for a Telco in Australia and we have different size sim chips. Basically the larger one is older and used for the phones that have 4 set of pins, whilst most phones these days only use 3 set of pins.
    02-21-13 07:00 PM

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