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    Default London and NFC?

    Does anyone think the London or other BB10 phones will have NFC? Personally, I don't see a reason to include it because NFC is still 5 years or so away from substantial adoption to implement it in phones. I'm curious because I am baffled why RIM put NFC in OS7 phones, especially the 9900, and not include an autofocus camera.
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    Two things:
    1. NFC isn't five years away. I'm starting to see it used in office buildings.
    2. RIM will include it, they've already put it on OS 7 phones.
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    RIM has plans for NFC that don't include payment. Do a search for Blackberry Tag and read up on some of them. Also research the QNX Porsche to see some other applications.
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    Yepp. RIM has Blackberry Tag. And what better way to implement NFC with a brand new OS on a brand new platform?

    Adoption rate would be through the roof and they'd have concrete numbers of who actually has it. Something they're planning on selling in large numbers.

    I hope they have it. I'd rather have NFC than not have it on a phone. Google's been pushing NFC also.
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    With the exception of the extra cheap 9220/9320, the odds are that NFC will be a standard part of every new blackberry from now on in just the same way as wifi, bt etc.
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    It's going to be on there.

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