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    Default How do I Enter to go to the next line?

    Ok so here is something which is troubling me.
    If I compose a message, how do I go to the next line. For example in the old BlackBerry I could press shift and enter and I would go to the next line. Here if I press the enter key it sends the message.
    Anyone solved this?

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    From what I've read on the forums there isn't a way to do this yet
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    Sorry - line breaks are not possible (yet) in texting.
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    Nothing in text settings that allows you to choose, "send with enter" or "send with send"? Don't have my z yet but that's the way it is now on my wheezing 8900...I, too, was sending before my note was ready until I found the options in settings. Check it out - you're the one with the Z!
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    not possible, as of yet
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