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    you shouldnt have to, it should populate it automatically once you insert the sim card
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    Default Re: Factory Unlocked Z10 from UK not working on AT&T

    Quote Originally Posted by Gary Putera View Post
    Yes but idk what the settings are... Why dont i have the network manually selectt settings?
    There is no harm in trying to input them. Just Google "at&t smartphone APN settings" they are posted everywhere. People use them for android phones ALL the time.
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    Default Factory Unlocked Z10 from UK not working on AT&T

    Try to enter phone in the APN. Just the word phone.
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    Canadian Z10s on ATT/TMobile Network?

    Quote Originally Posted by RHDJEEZY View Post
    I will save you a huge headache here.
    I went through 4 eBay Z10's before I found out how to do this CORRECTLY.

    There are 3 DIFFERENT Z10 models, all with DIFFERENT frequencies.
    RFK121LW - I have this one, it doesn't get 4G speed with T-Mobile, had to return it to the eBay seller.
    RFF91LW - I have this one, and it works 100% prefect with T-Mobile.
    RFH121LW - I have TWO of these, doesn't get 4G speeds with T-Mobile, only EDGE. Seller doesn't accept returns, sold them both on eBay for the same price I purchased them for.

    Ask the eBay seller to read the MODEL NUMBER ON THE BOX.
    If you want T-Mobile to work 100% correctly with 4G speeds.
    the model you need is: RFF91LW

    however DO NOT ask the eBay seller if the model he/she has is the model # you are looking for.
    They will say anything to sell you the phone.
    Just simply ask for the model number.
    Attached is a picture of my Z10's box.
    Had it for 3 days, using T-Mobile, love it to death.
    Didn't change a thing on my plan, all I did was ask for a mircoSIM card from T-Mobile, and thats it.
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    hi so I can't edit APN apparently and I'm noit sure abvout the whole "service" book thing, I'm just wondering right now what should I do? And Just wondering why does it not show what "band" i want to use in my Z10 is it a deficacy?
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    Please check your z10 box.
    Read us the model number.
    All I need to help you

    Posted via CB10
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    yes just post the model number (i.e. RFXXXXX and STL-100-X) and we will know if it will work with AT&T
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    Just a PSA for everyone's future reference:

    1) You DO need an AT&T LTE plan to get data
    2) You can NOT edit the APN. (Your APN should say "phone" when you insert the AT&T SIM card on its own.)
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    It's a RFH121LW, model STL100-2. It won't work on LTE in the US, and if the APN won't populate from the SIM or can't be edited, it won't work at all (other than on wifi)
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