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    Default DDPB

    Aaaaaaaaargh.....why can't I get DDPB to load on to my Mac air book. The Crackberry link does not help, so pls don't forward that.
    I can download the DDPB link, but there is not application on my Mac that can read or open it......? Can't even figure out the Google Chrome link.

    I do like the BB10 at lot, however its a bit frustrating not being able to access basic sites like Whatsapp and Bloomberg, all of which were available on the older BB's.
    The team at Blackberry needs to run much much faster. Stop admiring what you have created (which is good, I agree) and resting on your laurels .....get on with the job or you will soon become irrelevant once again.
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    Ask and ye might receive


    Edit: Never mind that.

    Have you tried FruitBat?
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    Quote Originally Posted by thurask View Post
    I don't think DDPB works for Mac. Windows-only, it looks like.

    Have you tried this?
    Yep your bang on

    Its more tricky doing through a MAC but of course can be done.

    I suggest the OP find someones windows PC or laptop to use.
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