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    Nez, please check the email provided and find more in depth information to try to resolve this. Take your time to go through all of the information and please do ask for help if something is not clear.


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    Al, thanks for getting back to me again. Actually I have not received anything in my email yet. I again want to put the email address up so that you have the right email add. it is
    thanks again,

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    I know all people who instelled BB Link without a problem think that if someone DOES have a problem, it must be their system/machine, etc. But it might not be the case.

    I have tried to install BB Link on my old laptop with Windows XP - it failed. The installer quit with a message, that it could not complete the installation, but all the files will be removed. They were not, the icon was on the desktop, but it was crushing the system when I tried to start it.

    I thought it was my old system, perhaps the old Desktop Manager application, or something similar. But today I have tried to install BB Link (freshly downloaded) on the new laptop with Windows 8, straight out of the box, with no BB ever connected to it before, no other software installed. Guess what? Exactly the same effect! Installer is quitting, desktop icon stays, but does not work. Repairing doesn't work, at list uninstall option worked fine.

    I have no idea what is the reason. Perhaps it has something to do with language version and country selection? These are the only settings I am changing when installing - despite being in Poland I am choosing English versions. Might this be a problem?
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    I had same issue ... is it by chance an ASUS laptop or 63 bit Windows8? My laptop couldn't (and still can't) install it but it worked fine on my surface pro which is what I'm using. At work, a few of us all have ASUS laptops and all have had issues with it. Not sure if it's something with ASUS specifically or what.
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    Ask and we'll see...


    worked like a charm on my acer win8 64bit pro laptop.
    Tested it yesterday in preparation for my zeeeee arrival on Thursday.
    There are 10 types of people; those who understand binary, and those who don't...
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    i cant install blackberry link on my windows 8, how to solve
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    Default BB on windows 8

    I have the same problem as you, Nez - did you find a solution in the end? Would be great, if you could share that with me.
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    Default same problem

    I have been using windows 8 version, and I had installed BB link software, I was having problem with BB mobile set Q5 camera not working, as a result as per their instruction I have to download new BB link and install and do the necessary step, I have uninstalled my old BB link and downloaded the new one and while I was installing at 95% time its rolling back automatic and saying that trying again later. like this way I did so many times but same problem, can not install new bb link please advice me what should I do.
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