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    Default Great Tour of Duty

    I just want to say that my 9630 CDMA Tour has been a fantastic phone. Aside from the trackball calving early on (replaced under warranty and fantastic ever since), this has been a solid piece of hardware. I have dropped it numerous times, tossed it around, left it in the car overnight in the freezing cold, and worked it like a rented mule almost every single day. Yet three and a half years later, it's still solid. A colleague has a Samsung Galaxy SIII and he has gone through TWO screens so far from dropping the delicate flower. And if I had a dollar for every person that I know that has broken their precious iPhone screen from dropping it, I wouldn't be rich, but I could buy a gourmet meal. The ONLY thing that took this baby down was dropping it in the snow and then plugging it into the car charger without thinking. Definitely MY bad. I borrowed a friend's 9800 Torch, but it's not the same. I like the faster browser and the touch screen, but the keyboard is nowhere near as nice and the trackpad is not quite as responsive as my trackball (weird, no?). All I can say is that I hope they make the Z10 as solid as my Tour from a physical aspect. Make it tough baby!

    My two cents.

    Smile BB10 is here soon~!~!
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    Default Great Tour of Duty

    My first blackberry was a tour. Loved it. Somehow I killed it though trying to replace the trackball.

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    I found out that the Tour's trackball was not a pop-out like the earlier models, it was actually hardwired in and to replace needed to go to a repair centre. I think that trackball may have been a precursor to the trackpad. The early failure rates of the first trackballs of that style may have been one of the reasons the Tour got cancelled.
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    I have had my Tour for 2 and a half years now. Its gotta be one of the most reliable phones I know. I've put it through **** and back and it still works like new. I dropped it in a bucket of chlorine solution at work a year ago and the keys quite working for a bit but after it dried out for a few weeks in a bag of rice, this hasn't been an issue. Im going to miss the phone when i move on to the Zed 10 in March

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