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    Default E-mails not forwarding...

    I've tried to find something on this but couldn't find an answer. In the last couple days, my phone has stopped forwarding e-mails from all of my accounts. The strange thing, however, is that I was switching the "font" usage under "Screen/Keyboard" in "Options" and noticed that a cluster of e-mails forwarded almost instantly after the switch.

    Since then, I've done this a few other times, and each time I have 1 or more e-mails that appear within seconds of each other (and they weren't sent simultaneously).

    Any idea what could cause this?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Login to your BIS account through the device and resend the service books from there. Also a good old fashion battery reset might help as well. If this does not work, maybe I would the carrier and have them review things for you

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